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Revit Architecture Training

Introduction of Building Information Modeling(BIM) and Revit Architecture User Interface
Starting a New Architectural Project
  • Project Browser Overview
  • Properties Overview
  • Project Unit
  • Types of Scale
  • Adding Level Lines
  • Modifying Level Line
  • Adding Grid Lines
Creating Architectural Wall
  • Create Wall Architectural
  • Modify Wall Properties
  • Edit Wall Profile
  • Adding Wall Profile
  • Location Line of Wall
  • Wall Opening
  • Opening of Face And Vertical Opening
  • Shaft Opening
  • Adding Door, Windows in the Existing Library
  • How to Change the Door material
  • How to Insert the Different Style
  • How to Modify Window Setting
  • How to Use Window Library
Building Component – Edit Tool
  • Existing Library
  • Solid Extrusion
  • Sweep
  • Revolve
  • Void Extrusion
  • Void Sweep
  • Modify Tools – Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror, Array, Scale, Split Element, Trim, Align, Offset
Building Component – Modelling
  • Create Floor Architecture
  • Modify Floor Architecture
  • Curtain Wall And Modify Properties
  • Adding Curtain Grid
  • Types of Mullion
  • Adding Mullion Profile
  • Curtain Door And Curtain Window
  • Creating Stair by Sketching
  • Spiral Stair by Component
  • Railing by Sketch
  • Decal Type and Decal Place
Parametric Modeling
  • Getting familiar with existing library
  • All Types of Building Elevation And Section Treatment
  • Stair Tread
  • Risers
  • Baluster
  • Nosing Profile
Site Component And Material
  • Section Box
  • Boundary Wall
  • Road
  • Ground Surface
  • Apply Material
  • How to Create New Material
  • How to Use Appearance Library
  • Applying Downloaded Material

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