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Laptop/Desktop Hardware, Software & Networking

Module 1: Basic Electronics
  • How to Use Digital MultiMater.
  • About AC & DC Voltage
  • Testing of Power Cable & Laptop Charge
  • Voltage Testing of Battery & Charger
Module 2: Computer hardware concept
  • Computer Hardware Overview, Block Diagram Details, Parts of Computer.
  • Motherboard: Types, block Diagram, Identification of Ports, Chip, Slots, Connector, Section, Company.
  • CPU: CPU Socket details, Types of CPU, Identification, Basic terminology of CPU.
  • RAM: Types of RAM , Identification of RAM, RAM Operating Voltage
  • SMPS: Concept of Current, SMPS pin details, SMPS Voltage, Testing of SMPS
  • Hard disk/ SSD & CD/DVD Drive: Assembling / Dissembling
  • Monitor: LED, LCD, CRT
  • Printer: Types of Printer, Identification, Basic Repairing Concept & Setup
  • Assembling and Dissembling of Computer, Testing of all Parts of Computer.
  • Desktop Computer Bios Setup, Formatting, Drivers Installation & Software Installation
  • Bios & User Password Crack
Module 3 : Laptop Hardware Training
  • Assembling and Dissembling of Laptop
  • Identification & Function of all Parts and Socket of Laptop
  • Laptop BIOS Setting, Formatting, Driver Installation & Software Installation & Software Installation.
  • Laptop User & Bios Password Crack
Module 4: Basic Networking
  • Networking Concept, Cabling and Crimping.
  • Router Configuration.
  • Workgroup/IP Address Networking, Driver & Device Sharing.
  • File and Printer Sharing
  • Team Viewer / Anydesk Support
  • Wireless Networking, Peer to peer Networking.
  • Identification of all parts of Laptop.
  • Laptop Servicing & Display Replace
  • Laptop Hings Repairs
  • SSD & RAM Upgrade
  • Antivirus Setup & Data Recover
  • Network Troubleshooting.

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