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Chip Level Laptop Repairing Training With Free Desktop Repairing Course

Laptop & Mobile Repairing Training

Module 1: Basic Electronics
  • How to Use Digital Multimeter.
  • About AC & DC Voltage, Circuit, Frequency, Resistor, Capacitor, Coil, Transformer, Diode, Transistor, Mosfet, IC, Crystal, Fuse, Switch.
Module 2: Chip Level Practice With Repairing Tools
  • Use of soldering Iron, Desoldering pump, Twiser, SMD Machine & DC Power Supply, IC & Chip Soldering/ Desoldering, All types of Electronic Components Solid & SMD Soldering / Desoldering.
Module 3: Laptop Hardware Training
  • Assembling and Dissembling of Laptop.
  • Identification & Function of all ports and socket of Laptop.
  • Laptop Bios setting, Formatting, Driver Installation & Software Installation.
  • Laptop User & Bios Password Crack
  • Identification of all parts of Laptop
  • Laptop Servicing & Display Replace
  • Antivirus Setup & Data Recover
Module 4: Circuit Tracing, Troubleshooting & Chip Level Laptop Repairing
  • Volt in Circuit: Tracing and Troubleshooting.
  • VRM Circuit: Tracing and Troubleshooting.
  • Ram Supply Circuit: Tracing and Troubleshooting.
  • Step Down Circuit: 5 Volt and 3.3 Volt, Primary & Secondary.
  • Battery Charging & Discharging Circuit: Tracing & Fault Finding.
  • Clock Generator Circuit.
  • Fan Controller Circuit.
  • USB Supply and Data Circuit.
  • SATA Supply and Data Circuit (HDD, SSD, and ODD).
  • HDMI, LAN Circuit
  • E- Sata Port Circuit Tracing.
  • CPU Thermal Circuit.
  • AUDIO: Mike, Headphone & Internal Speaker Circuit Tracing
  • ROM: Identification of all types of ROM and Circuit Tracing.
  • Schematic Diagram: Laptop Motherboard Circuit Tracing through Schematic Diagram.
  • North Bridge supply.
  • Graphics Chip Supply.
  • Graphic to Non Graphic Conversion
  • PCH/Single Chip Circuit Tracing.
  • IC Data Sheet & Dual Mosfet Tracing
  • BIOS Programming & Editing
  • BGA & CRO Machine Operation
  • Laptop Beep Errors Code
  • Light Section Repairs
  • Power Sequence of Laptop
  • Use of DC Supply Machine to Remove short & Leakage.
  • Laptop Hings Repairs
  • Troubleshooting of Laptop Dead, No Display, Laptop Hang, Overheat Issue etc.

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