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Advanced WordPress Training

Basics of WordPress User Interface
  • Installation of WordPress on WAMP/XAMP servers
  •  Understanding WordPress Dashboard
  • Default WordPress Setting Overview
  • Default WordPress Themes
  •  Default User Role
  • Permalinks
  •  Widgets
  •  Sidebars
  •  Post o Page
  • Categories
  • Comment
  •  Media
  •  Menus
  •  Templates
  •  Featured Image
  •  Appearance
  •  Header Design
  •  Background Design
  •  Footer Design
  • Sidebar Design
  •  Editor
  •  User Role
Working with WordPress Theme
  • Practice using Free and Premium Readymade Theme
  •  Installing and customizing the theme using all default settings
  •  Customizing templates
  •  Customizing widgets
  •  Customizing appearances
WordPress File Structure
  • Overview of file structure of WordPressM
  •  More in Details about wp-content->Plugins/themes/uploads
  • Creating custom theme
  •  Modifing theme files such as page.php, single.php, content.php, functions.php, header.php, footer.php, style.css, search.php and others.
  •  Creating custom template
  • Creating custom widgets
  •  Creating external css file
  • Handling external js file
WordPress Database Structure
  • Overview of WordPress Database Structure
  •  Tables for options
  •  Tables for user-level access
  •  Tables for post and meta-post
  •  Understanding post-type declaration
WordPress Custom Theme Development
  • Working with html into WordPress site
  • Organizing post, page, categories, templates, menus, links (internal/external), comments, widgets, search boxes as per requirement
  •  Managing default as well as external css file
  •  Implementing js files into custom theme
Custom WordPress Plugin Development
  • Core WordPress Custom Plugin Development at backend
  •  Understanding Plugin for custom post type
  •  Understanding Plugin for admin columns
  •  Understanding Plugin for advance fields
  •  Understanding Plugin for customizing WordPress Dashboard
  • Custom Plugin Development using WordPress Plugins
Troubleshooting WordPress CMS
  • Submission of Individual WordPress Site with Relevant CMS
  •  Tips and Tricks for troubleshooting
  • Fast and adequate code managing
Implementation of Featured Plugin
  • Plugins for CMS customization
  • Plugins for SEO
  •  Plugins for Security level access
WordPress Site Maintenance
  • Database maintenance for live implementation
  •  User level permission to all needed folders and files
  •  Troubleshooting live wordpress sites
  •  Final Project

Themes & Templates Development

  •  Overview of WordPress theme & development
  • How templates work with WordPress themes
  • Converting HTML into WordPress scratch theme
  •  Creating a child theme
    . Theme Customization API
    · Developing for the Customizer
    · Defining Settings, Controls, Section.
    · Generating Live CSS
Custom Posts/Taxonomies & Meta
  • About custom posts/fields/taxonomies
  •  Creating custom post types
  • Assigning custom post types to taxonomies
  •  About custom fields
  • Creating & displaying custom fields in templates
Plugin development
  • Overview of how plugins work
  • Understanding the development of plugin
  •  Overview of actions, hooks & filters
  • Connecting plugins with third party API
  • Building widgets & short codes
Woo commerce Plugin Customization
  • Creating product category, product and displaying on scratch theme
  • Cart ,Checkout, payment integration
  • Woo commerce Order system, Coupon Management
  •  New Product attribute
  •  Converting Static ecommerce website into WordPress

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